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Lucas McKinnon 
Record Producer

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Lucas McKinnon is an artist: multi-instrumentalist musician, record producer, studio owner, writer, and photographer.

Aligned naturally with artistic life, Lucas found his first and most beloved medium in the drums. Rock music ruled early musical life, particularly heavy genres like grunge, nu-metal, and thrash metal. Anger gave way to introspection, to more intricate grooves: hip-hop paved the way for a young adult Lucas to express himself in stanzas. The folk revival of the late 00’s mellowed him further still. Playing in bands, experimenting with digital recording.. passions that would a few years later culminate in global travel, professional musicianship, and the founding of a commercial recording studio.

Now, Lucas is a creative mentor: a musician, audio engineer, and record producer who’s artistic pursuits have connected him with artists of all genres, helping them to reach the next level of their self-expression.

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‘High my spirit aspired, skywards, but down to earth love soon drew it; still more, suffering humbled it. So I follow the curve of life, and return to my journey’s start.’

F. Hölderlin


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